We started to work on a new Anime project. We are very excited about this one. Plot is very dramatic, full of twists. The main actors will be Jasson Mo as “JMo”, Vanees Seesy as “Cindy” and Jerry Smith as “Juan”.

We are currently in a process of building the set. Flooring is the biggest obstacle I may add. It’s hard to find durable panels. So we decided to buy mats that are made for animals at farm stalls.

So we got that, now on to the bigger stuff. Green screen setup. We got Michels friend Mike coming to help us with that as he already did that kind of stuff for some digital agency in Sydney.

Stay tuned until next update!

It was 1992, me and my father Jack went on a fishing trip. We rented a small boat and sailed on the lake. We were there for 20 hours straight. Sitting there, enjoying each others company and fishing. It was an escape from everything. It was a perfect sunny day, and we got to talk about all the stuff I forever wanted to know. It was by far the best day of my life. And that’s when I feel in love with outdoors.

outdoors hunting

After that, I went on more than thousands of trips and now my favourite ones are hunting trips. Taking my guns and rifles with me is such a special feeling for every man.

Don’t get me wrong, I have the biggest respect for the animals. But being there, hunting, it just make me one with nature. If I could I would do it each day of my life.


There’s been a lot of questions in the embarking rig for the RowCruiser, which in turn i am currently establishing. Gradually, we’ll be delivering plans and recommendations for the embarking rig, nevertheless Let me offer a brief presentation of that which you are usually establishing.

Important characteristics we want to add are usually cost, family member simplicity and overall performance. Most of us chose a ketch rig could be more effective for the RowCruiser, nevertheless we didn’t need the costs to control out of hand. A pair of sails, masts, hardware, etc add together speedily inside selling price. Simply to supply perspective for the uninitiated inside acquiring embarking apparatus, the idea normally expenses $1000 to get a individual dinghy travel to be customized by a sailmaker. Cruise, spar, and hardware expenses could speedily equal to $5000 for the ketch rig we imagined in the event the sails were customized, and hardware obtained with chandlery-costs.

The good news is, we’ve found ideal off-the-shelf sails coming from High intensity Sails that will retail for $179 every. They may be properly formed for the rig that any of us imagined, along with the more compact mizzen travel is created by means of cutting down on decrease among the a pair of sails. The particular mainsail is going to be forty-eight square foot and, the particular mizzen is going to be 29 square foot. The two component carbon/glass key mast retails for $250, along with the mizzen will be $100. The costs however add together, and even with all the discount price ranges regarding hardware with Duckworks, with the help of obstructs (for the particular downhaul, vang and key sheet), mast supports, blankets, battens, pintle and gugeons for the rudder, thrive rods, and an almost endless directory other little objects, the whole expenses total concerning $1300.

All round, we experience this is a pretty sensible expense to get a rig that could match the particular RowCruiser being a handwear cover and supply sound overall performance.

Once we possess the rig concluded and trialed, we will establish a couple of guidelines, plans and also a shopping list (all objects for the travel rig can be purchased easily online).

For many who would like to include the particular embarking rig on their complete RowCruisers, it’s not at all too challenging to install the particular daggerboard and mast supports towards concluded ship. Most of us provides a few photos inside a month or more, for all those that will would like to carry on with all the alteration ahead of plans can be found.

In addition, there were concerns concerning if the amas are essential for the embarking version. They may be certainly not. We’ll have the capacity to offer a more in depth answer immediately after beach studies, nevertheless general, the particular ship must travel rather nicely with no amas. How big is the particular embarking rig is just not tremendous, and embarking devoid of amas is going to be similar to dinghy embarking exactly where body weight must be changed to keep the particular ship up-right. The particular amas will allow for more enjoyable embarking devoid of gymnastics forced to maintain the ship up-right. In addition, the particular ship might be hard pressed considerably more difficult devoid of having to downsize sails.